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Ocean Conservation Month with Guy Harvey

“The Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation (GHOF) conducts scientific research and hosts educational programs aimed at conserving the marine environment. The GHOF will help ensure that future generations can enjoy and benefit from a naturally balanced ocean ecosystem.”-Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation.

This year GHOF has dedicated March as Ocean Conservation Month and it is in full swing. The heart of Ocean Conservation Month is to “educate and inspire generations across the Cayman Islands to actively support and participate in initiatives to protect our ocean” (Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation). Ocean Conservation month is filled with an array of ocean-inspired activities that encourage the community to take part and learn more about how we can all contribute to helping keep our oceans healthy. Recently, the GHOF teamed up with Plastic Free Cayman for a beach cleanup. Dr. Guy Harvey has taken the 345 Pledge committing to reducing his use of single-use plastics. An array of stellar events are already underway. Two major upcoming events to look forward to are the documentary screening of “Stingray Chronicles Part 2” and the GHOF annual Fundraising Cocktail Party.

Documentary Screening “Stingray Chronicles Part 2”


The Cayman Islands is a popular diving destination. In particular, Stingray City is one of the most beloved animal interaction sites in the world—an unforgettable experience. It is said to be a multi-million dollar tourist attraction.  People travel from all over the globe to get up-close and personal with our world famous Southern Stingrays that are known for their friendly demeanor. The experience is an absolute privilege. The Cayman Islands is a shark and rays sanctuary. Under the National Conservation Law, there is 100% protection of all shark and ray species within our coastal and offshore waters, here in the Cayman Islands. With this in mind, it is important to recognize the continued efforts in protecting our islands’ stingrays. The GHOF works hard to contribute to the study and protection of our islands’ beloved stingrays. In particular, they focus on tagging stingrays, monitoring the health of each ray and studying their patterns and behaviors.

Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation Annual Fundraising Cocktail Party.


“I thoroughly enjoy this fundraiser! It gives us a chance to catch up with friends, meet new people, share ideas, accomplishments and plans for the future over a nice glass of wine or a cold whitetip beer and delicious food. We can’t do what we do without local support.  We are grateful to those willing to attend, and those who choose to purchase something special through our live and silent auctions. Together, this supports our commitment to share knowledge about our ocean and the marine life that we cannot live without via essential scientific research and educational initiatives.”- Jessica Harvey

This year, GHOF is raising funds for their work in researching sharks and rays in the Cayman Islands and educating the public on the importance and meaning of a biodiverse and balanced marine ecosystem.  Specifically, research projects include Oceanic Whitetip tagging projects and the long-running biannual Southern Stingray census. Educational initiatives include Shark Talk, documentary screenings, interactive learning activities and a short educational documentary series Jessica Harvey’s Expedition Notebook.

Dr. Guy Harvey and his daughter Jessica Harvey will be giving the keynote speech at their fundraiser discussing the importance of generations in ocean conservation, reflecting on their goals as a father and daughter team in conservation.  The fundraising cocktail party will take place at Luca, SMB on Friday 5th April.  RSVP email events@guyharvey.com by April 2nd. 

Learn more about the Foundation by visiting www.ghof.org?