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Wanderlust: Take Me To The Ocean!

Many of us might be finding ourselves reminiscing about our past travels or dreaming about the day when we will be able to travel the world again visiting our favorite places or checking destinations off our travel wishlist.  In the meantime, a trip to the beach might be the very ‘travel’ adventure you need.  Living in the Cayman Islands has its privileges.  Being surrounded by alluring turquoise waters with an exquisite underwater world to explore makes the Cayman Islands a true paradise.  You can’t help but want to dive in.  

The experience of lockdown, social distancing, and the global pandemic has given us an opportunity to reflect on life.  Some of us, find ourselves more appreciative than ever for the simple things in life.  Nature has been an incredible outlet for many to find solace, escape the stress or craziness of the day, feel rejuvenated, inspired and a place to find peace to calm one’s mind.  Reconnecting with nature can have a positive impact on your mental health and wellbeing— whether through a walk outside or a swim in the ocean.    


If you find yourself with an overwhelming feeling of wanderlust, then take a trip to the ocean and immerse yourself in exploring the beauty and rich biodiversity of our marine environment  (practice local safe social distancing and lockdown rules).  For those of us who call the Cayman Islands home we are fortunate to have an incredible 365 dive sites surrounding our islands.  Some of our most iconic dive/snorkel sites are easily accessible such as Devils Grotto, Eden Rock, Soto’s Wall, The Wreck of the Cali, Smith Cove, and Spotts Beach.  Embarking on a snorkeling adventure will satisfy your wanderlust, no matter where you live in the world. Snorkeling gives you a feeling of adventure, an opportunity to explore and discover the beauty of the coral reefs, amazing underwater photo opportunities, and memorable moments when encountering marine life like stingrays, turtles, sharks, schools of fish, spotted eagle rays, and so much more.  Just spending some time in the ocean will feel like a vacation.  After a dip in you will find yourself feeling more relaxed and rejuvenated. We are incredibly lucky to live in paradise.  The ocean is an amazing travel destination.    

Eden Rock Blue Tangs

Eden Rock

Eden Rock


Photo Credits: Eco Chic Cayman