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Summer Essentials: Beach Days, Road Trips & Travel

summer essentials1

If you’re like me you love summer days! So far summer has been pretty awesome.  One of my favorite things to do is to take photos.  I love photography and experimenting with different filters and camera/video apps.  Taking photos isn’t just about capturing a moment so a memory can last a lifetime, or freeze a moment in time forever, it is also a means of expressing yourself creatively and in some instances capturing the natural beauty of a place.

I think of all the places I have traveled to and of course my home is probably my absolute favorite place in the world.  Regardless of where I am in the world taking photos, is my way of taking a piece of that place home with me.  More than that, I have come to find that the more I take pictures of the beautiful landscape of my home or other places, I realize how beautiful this world is and how important it is to fight to save the planet and work towards finding solutions for todays paramount environmental problems.  If we don’t all come together to help protect this amazing world we will sadly lose all the beauty that comes from nature.

My hope is that more people will come together and fight for this planet, its worth saving and preserving the environment -land, sea, and animals-. So Tree Huggers, Ocean Lovers and Animals Lovers lets unite and work towards raising awareness and educating others about the importance and urgency to work towards a greener tomorrow.

Enjoy these photos -no filter- of Cayman

With love from one planet lover to another, xo

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