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Repurpose Glass Jars & Wine Bottles the Eco Chic Way

repurpose glass 

This week I wrote about recycling glass in Cayman, today I would like to share ways to repurpose glass.

Glass Jars

Instead of tossing out a glass jar that use to store spaghetti sauce or peanut butter, think of creative ways that you can repurpose those jars so that they have a functional value.   Here are some ideas…

5 Repurposed Glass Jars Ideas

1. Use them to store baking goods like flour, sugar and pancake mix.

2. Use them as candle holders.

3. Store fashion accessories and materials like needles & thread, buttons, pins etc

4. Store pennies for a rainy day.

5. Use them to store small office supplies, like pins, paperclips, staples etc. 

jars baking


Repurposed Wine Bottles: Eco Chic Shabby

Wine bottles can be quite versatile.  A previous article I wrote, Eco Chic Water Bottles was about repurposing wine bottles as water bottles.  Wine bottles can also serve for decorative purposes.

A Wine Bottle Repurposed as a Vase

eco flowers1

                   eco flowers2 

                                                            eco flowers3


Repurposed Wine Bottle as Decorative Feature

eco vase



If you aren’t able to repurpose glass items then please recycle. 

From one planet lover to another xo


  1. Although I am not a regular wine drinker I like to have it occasionally. The design of the bottle attracts me a lot. Lol….nice post of yours on bottles. I like one more thing here and that’s the Cayman furniture. The sleek design and the affordable prices are great.

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