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Ocean Lovers + Eco Surfers

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Ocean Lovers & Surfers… For some, summer is that time of year when you think of glorious beach days and surfers riding all the waves.  I personally don’t surf but I think it might make it on my bucket list.  However, I do know people who surf.  I am not sure how big the surfing community is here in Cayman, but nonetheless avid surfers are able to find places to surf here.  I would make a bet that most of  those who love to surf are ocean lovers and with that love for the ocean when given the option to, they would choose to buy eco friendly surfboards.  They are in luck! There are some surfboard manufacturers and/or companies that make surfboards out of recycled materials or eco friendly materials which is awesome! Check out Ocean Green Eco Friendly Surfboards

There are other ways to be an eco surfer such as:

1)  When your surfboard breaks, donate it to a recycling company which can repurpose the broken surfboard into building materials.

2) If you have a surfboard that you no longer use consider turning it into eco art.  Convert it into a one-of-a-kind coffee table or display it as an art piece on a wall.

So enjoy the waves this summer and keep on loving the ocean.

From one ocean lover to another xo

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