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Got Eggs? Local. Organic. Sustainable.

cayman farmed

For everyone who loves omelets, cakes and other goodies that are made with love and eggs then you will be ecstatic to know that you can find locally farmed eggs that are both delicious and affordable.

Brothers, Shanan and Pasmore Harrison have a Cayman Egg Farm which is not-for-profit.  Any proceeds from egg purchases goes directly into feeding and maintaining the chickens as well as supporting Shanan’s ministry which teaches youth and adults how to cook.  Together, their hard work is a labor of love.  The chickens are specifically, layer fowls which means that they do not rely on a rooster to produce eggs.  The animals are cared for with love, and respect. All farmed eggs are organic, thus they are hormone and antibiotic free!

It is important that as a community we support our fellow Caymanian’s in their efforts to provide local produce and products which support and encourage sustainability.  As previously mentioned any proceeds from these eggs directly supports the community and the care of the animals, as it is a not-to-profit Cayman farm, making it quite unique in its own right.  Please support local.

Can’t wait to get cooking and baking with these fine local eggs….

Please see flyer with details below.

Got Eggs1 Flyer 3 JPEG


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