Introducing Farmer’s Friday

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To keep things fresh, I am starting a new series on the blog called “Farmer Friday’s.”  My goal is to spotlight local farmers in Cayman as well as discuss the benefits of supporting local and sustainability every Friday.


Why is supporting local farmers important?  

1.  Practicing sustainability is beneficial for the environment.

2.  Helps our local economy.


I have always been baffled by the amount of produce our small island imports when we have the ability to grow a variety of fruits and vegetables.  Our island is blessed with pretty good weather all year long, which allows us to be in position where we can grow our own produce.  I often wonder could we reduce the amount of food waste if we were more supportive of our local farmers?  Picture the overwhelming amount of food every supermarket on the island imports of fruits and vegetables alone.  There is no way all of that is consumed, I’m confident a large portion is wasted on account of not being bought.  Don’t get me wrong it is comforting to know that supermarkets provide us with a large selection of fruits and vegetables in abundance.  I am also grateful to be able to have such a selection available at my fingertips.  However, my concern is that it may be resulting in a lot of food waste.  Local farms may produce on a small scale but it seems that they have quite a substantial supply to support our community.  Another, benefit of local produce, is that the food is positively fresh and organic, in comparison to food which is shipped in.  Not to mention, that by buying from our local farmers we know exactly where our food is coming from.  I am always delighted to learn of restaurants on island which make it a standard of their establishment to buy local, organic produce whenever possible.

Enjoy this short video discussing why it is important to support local farmers

By choosing to import vast amounts of food which is already being produced by local farmers, has negative impacts on the environment.  Which is why, it is important to not rely so heavily on imported produce when our island has the capability of producing much of the produce which is imported in.  Supporting local farmers, supports sustainable practices which is better for not only our island, but the environment overall.

Below is an info-graphic illustrating why it is import to support local farmers

Eco Fact: “Transportation by shipping produces emissions of 1 billion metric tons of CO2 and uses 11 billion gallons of fuel per year internationally.”




Please consider choosing to buy local whenever possible.  Support local and support sustainability.


With love, from one tree hugger to another, xo