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Eco Chic Baking Jars

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I have been on a bit of a baking kick lately.  I am hoping to have some recipes to share with you soon.  These jars are a bit of a lifesaver.  I am not a fan of having boxes and packets that can’t be properly closed after opening, so I started storing my baking ingredients in recycled & repurposed glass jars.

Simple and fun DIY project.  I saved some spaghetti sauce jars and made some fun labels. Voila, Eco Chic Baking Jars.

What You Will Need: recycled glass jars, and clear adhesive transfer paper.


baking jars 2What To Do: Design your labels in Word or Pages and print the labels onto the adhesive transfer paper.  Follow the steps on the packet.  I still had a few “whoops moments.”  It helps to print out extras incase of any mishaps.  Here is a video that I found most helpful. Transfer the image/design successfully and you are all done.

My Designs

I chose not to go the traditional labeling route.

The Sugar Jar- “Pout Some Sugar On Me”

The Flour Jar- “Play Dough”

The Pancake Mix Jar- “Eat Cake For Breakfast”


Happy Baking!!

with love from one tree hugger to another, xo


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