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Birthday Girl Wishes xo




Hello everyone!  I hope you all are having a beautiful day!  The weekend was crazy beautiful from a Masquerade Ball (will soon have a post on that with the behind the scenes of making the decorations) and then a pre-birthday party in 1920’s fashion.

For me it’s the end of a beautiful era my roaring twenties are officially over.  Last night I celebrated the end of my twenties in true roaring twenties fashion (flapper girl costumes included) with a Gatsby themed party with some of the most amazing people I know! Thanks for the memories! Pink Champagne and Red Velvet Cupcakes was the way to end the night, and also makes a spectacular Birthday Breakfast. Now it is time to embrace and celebrate a new decade.  As far as I am concerned age is just a number and we are as old as we feel.  In the wise words of one of my favorite writers:

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.”

– George Bernard Shaw

So today I am 30, going on 21.

For the most part I am still a kid at heart and hope I never lose that feeling to have fun and spontaneous moments.

Today my birthday wish is for more love, kindness and generosity in the world, for those in need to find a helping hand and for a voice to speak up on the behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves.  

A little birthday tradition of mine is to make donations to different causes.  As an animal lover and environmentalist these are the charities I have chosen.  I always love and appreciate presents, but would rather instead of a gift for friends and family to make a donation to any one of these wonderful charities helping to make the world a better place.

1. Cayman Islands National Trust

2. Cayman Islands Humane Society

3. Shambala Preserve  PS- The meaning behind Shambala- “A meeting place of peace and harmony for all beings, animal and human.”

4. World Wildlife Fund

5. Ric O’ Barry’s Dolphin Project

There you have it some of my favorite charities which I have personally made donations to on my birthday.  I hope this post helps to encourage and inspire others to make a donation towards the amazing initiatives and efforts of these charities.   Please help me to raise awareness for these charities.   Together lets all make acts of kindness.


with love, from the birthday girl xo


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