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Endless Summer Orange + Coconut Popsicles



Summer might be slipping away but the memory of summer doesn’t have to fade.  For those hot summer days on the rise, enjoy a zesty orange & coconut popsicle.  I came across these plastic popsicle molds at Fosters, The Strand, which is good because they can be reused all summer long and after.  It beats having to buy and discard the one time use traditional popsicle sticks.


The recipe… 

-Endless Summer Orange + Coconut Popsicles-












What You Will Need: 2 oranges, coconut milk rich and creamy, and milk free vanilla ice cream.

What To Do:


1. Pour a can of coconut milk into a mixing bowl, squeeze 2 oranges worth of juice (add more for extra flavor)

2. Stir well

3. Add 1 spoonful of milk free vanilla ice-cream

4. Keep stirring

5. Finally, add some zest with shaved orange peel, using a grater

6. Give it a final quick stir

7. Pour into popsicle molds, and let it freeze overnight or for at least 4-5 hours.

8. Enjoy!!!



with love from one foodie to another, xo