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Take me past the shores of the seven seas…





I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!  To kickoff my weekend, I was inspired to take the Poetry Saturday challenge by, My Happy Coincidence.  Here is one of my favorites, click here.

A simple task… To take a moment, suspend myself in time and take in my surroundings, waiting to find a spark of inspiration to write.  I love writing, and it’s been a long time since I have actually written any short stories or poetry.  However, today, I have broken my writing silence, so to speak.  I put my headphones on and began listening to Lana Del Rey, while staring at a photograph of the ocean and the words just came.  I  began to fill the empty pages with poetry.

Here you go, my #PoetrySaturday inspiration and creation. I hope you like it.

wanderlust poem

Copyright © 2015 By Laura Butz

Have a lovely weekend!

with love, xo

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