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Nature is my Gym: 5 Sustainable Essentials For Your Workout

I love a great workout that makes me break a sweat.  There is nothing more satisfying.  Nature is my favourite gym. I love being outdoors.  In the spirit of setting fitness goals and stepping up my game when it comes to workouts, today on the blog we are sharing 5 sustainable essentials for your workout.  This is where sustainable fashion meets the gym.    

1. Reusable Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is imperative when you are doing a workout.  Especially, if nature is your gym, it can get pretty hot outside.  Always have your reusable bottle on standby.   

2. Reef Safe Sunscreen

Hello sunshine! No matter if you are running, holding a plank for 30 seconds or swimming in the ocean, don’t forget to put some sunscreen on.  Living in the Caribbean you can’t help but think about the ocean.  With this in mind, it is important to choose reef safe sunscreen options.  Coola sunscreen is available at Le Visage at Camana Bay. 

3. Sustainable Fashion: Sustainable Swimsuit


Who knew swimwear could be so versatile?  This just in, swimsuits make a great workout top.  Great for pilates and yoga.   My personal favourite is sustainable luxury swimwear by Sage Larock.  Their commitment to sustainable fashion and creating ocean awareness is noble.  Sage Larock’s fabulous swimwear is made from recycled ocean plastic debris and drift nets.  Furthermore, “We use only sustainable fabrics such as organic OEKO-TEX® certified cotton, Italian upcycled swimwear fabric, which is made of recycled fishing nets and plastic debris recovered from the ocean, and extra soft hemp jersey, which is grown and produced without any chemicals”(Sage Larock).  Sage Larock is also partnered with NGO to give back a percentage of their swimwear sales to help our oceans, and also NGO Canopy to ensure endangered forests are not logged to make clothing (Sage Larock). 

4. Sustainable Fashion: Eco-friendly Leggings 

When it comes to your gym wear it’s all about the leggings. Sustainable Fashion Alert! Your workout wardrobe just got a whole lot cooler.  Sustainable leggings made from recycled plastic bottles are a real game changer.  These super comfy leggings are available at Activ Angel from the  Niyama Sol collection. 

5. Sustainable Fashion: Eco-friendly Sneakers


Hit the ground running with these sustainably made sneakers by Parley and Adidas.  Interesting fact, each shoe is made from 11 plastic bottles and recycled materials. Essentially, 95% of each sneaker is made from Parley Ocean Plastic and the remaining 5% is made from recycled polyester.  The inspiration comes from tackling marine plastic pollution such as, removing plastic debris and litter off of beaches, out of the oceans and intercepting plastic before it ends up in the ocean. The plastic bottles and other items collected at beach cleanups is upcycled into recycled materials used to make the shoes. 

 Photo Credit: Lori- Ann Speirs 

NB* Brand Ambassador for Sage Larock.  Brand Ambassador for Activ Angels.