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Uncorked: DIY Wine Cork Art Project


When the last bottle of wine or Champagne was been finished off, and all that is left are the remains of a legendary soiree or spectacular birthday party, one can always find a creative way to be eco friendly.  Perhaps even throw an eco art project after-party… Save up all  your Wine/Champagne corks for a rainy day project or a day you feel inspired to take on some DIY Eco Art Projects.  I have come up with 2 ways that corks can be repurposed into functional, eco friendly items.  The wine corks used for these art projects were saved up over time.

How to be an Eco Friendly Wine or Champagne Connoisseur – Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle your Bottles and Corks

1. Repurposed Champagne Cork Name Holder.

A simple eco friendly touch you can add to your eco party/event is to repurpose corks into name holders, or to identify yummy treats or refreshing drinks.


All you need… Champagne cork, and business card(s).  All I did was cut a groove into the Champagne cork, not too deep, just enough that the business card would fit in.

2. Repurposed Wine Cork Coaster



All you will need… wine corks and a glue gun.  This was a pretty easy task.  Select a bunch of wine corks, I used about 8 to make a square like coaster.  You are free to be as creative as you want to be.


Please drink responsibly.

Try to be as eco friendly as you can be with glass bottles and corks.

Where you can recycle glass bottles locally: Camana Bay, and JUNK recycle bins at Kirk Market.

Other DIY Eco Projects with Glass Bottles and Jars

Repurposed Glass Jars 

Eco Chic Water Bottles

Have a fantastic time at your next event! May you have a load of fun with your eco art projects.

with love from one tree hugger to another, xo

P.S.- Incase you missed it the name of the wine was Red Velvet.  Red Velvet just happens to be my all time favorite kind of cupcake or cake for that matter, and that bottle of wine which seems to be an ode to Red Velvet was pretty good.  If memory serves correctly I bought it at Blackbeards.


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