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What the tides brought back…


Summer days  always seem to be filled with spontaneous fun.  For a couple of weekends now, I have spent some time roaming the hidden and tucked away beaches on a scavenger hunt for beach treasures.  Sauntering barefoot along the coast of the eastern side of the island, soaking in the summer warmth and salty sea breeze, with only the sound of the waves rushing up onto the shore and then racing back into the hands of the sea, is probably one of my favorite things about summer.  I remember as a child, I use to spend hours looking for sea-glass and seashells.  I have yet to discover a message in a bottle, its one of those random things on my bucket list, who knows if I will ever find one.  Sometimes, I really contemplate writing my own message in a bottle and seeing where it ends up.  I think what is most fascinating about the whole idea, is the journey of a message in a bottle, and the story that unfolds once you find one or send one for that matter.

As the old adage  goes “you never step in the same river twice” I have often wondered if you ever come across the same tide twice.  After wandering around a few remote beaches I did come across some great finds.  I found some sea-fan , pieces of sponge barrel, and of course driftwood.  Some may think it is an art to be able to find beach treasure when beach-combing, but personally I think it is just a combination of timing and opportunity- luck.  It can take a long time to find that perfect piece of driftwood that you want to use as decorative artwork in your home.  What I feel makes driftwood stand out as that exceptional piece,  is what I would refer to as the branding of the sea, essentially the amount of distress that has been interwoven into the bark of the fallen tree branch, bamboo or piece of wood.  It really was just a matter of stumbling across some nice pieces of driftwood, which I am hoping to repurpose for yet another eco art project.  The last few weekends, have been really inspiring.  I am happy to say for the most part my weekends allowed me to spend hours getting lost in eco art projects- I always love a good creative challenge.

For anyone who feels inspired, I do hope that when you go beach-combing you find some interesting pieces of treasure that was once claimed by the sea, but the tide has now brought back.  I remember when I was really young I lost a watch that was quite sentimental to me on 7 mile beach, while snorkeling.  I know it is most definitely a long shot but I have always hoped that the tide that stole my watch would one day return it back to me.

Please stay tuned, as later this week I will be unveiling some of my eco art projects.

with love from one ocean lover to another, xo

P.S.- The only disappointing part about going on a scavenger hunt for beach treasures or beach-combing is the amount of trash that has washed up on the shore, I am really sorry I didn’t have a trash bag for all the junk I found.  Next time for sure I will bring a trash bag.  If anyone is considering going beach-combing please consider bringing a trash bag, because sadly the odds are more in favor of you finding trash along the beach.  However, I do hope that anyone who does go beach-combing finds some amazing things along the way.