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I’ll Drink To That… DIY Chic Chalkboard Paint Repurposed Bottles


Over the weekend I found some time to work on some eco art projects.  I had a fantastic time!    Here is another eco chic way you can repurpose your wine bottles and glass jars.  Confession, this may have been one of those catch 22 art projects.  On one hand, I tried to be eco friendly by repurposing the glass bottles into chic decorative pieces for dinner or birthday parties by painting them in chalkboard paint.  Yet, the chalkboard spray paint may not have been so eco friendly.

What you will need: chalkboard paint, chalk, wine bottles or glass jars.

Easy Steps: 

1. I bought some chalkboard paint in a spray can.  It was easy to use and pretty cheap.  (I purchased it at AL Thompson) Confession, it may have not been the most eco friendly choice, but I could not find one that was made with eco friendly products.  I felt it better to buy the spray can version as opposed to a can of chalkboard paint.  The spray can had the amount I needed, and can easily be reused  for other projects.  Where as the paint can, had way too much paint and could potentially not last as long. Marking it down as learning…

2.  Glass Bottles.  I repurposed a Baileys bottle and a wine bottle that I had saved over time.  That way I had a different look.  I simply sprayed the bottles outdoors (i know not too great for the environment) in a reused cardboard box, as to not make a mess with the spray paint.  I then let the bottles dry.

3.  Chalk.  After the bottles dried I could then add chalk to the bottles to decorate them.   The cool thing is these bottles can be reused multiple times as decorative pieces.  The chalk wipes off easily with a slightly moist sponge, or cloth.

Overall, it was a fun project, and like I said earlier probably a catch 22 kind of deal.  Perhaps, the most eco friendly thing to do would have been just to recycle the glass bottles.  I admit, I really wanted some chic wine bottles as decorative pieces so I went with painting them in chalkboard paint.

with love, from one art lover to another, xo

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