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Totally Fresh Cayman’s Moringa Lemongrass Is My Cup Of Tea….

Totally Fresh Cayman

For all you tea lovers you are in luck! Totally Fresh Cayman produces and brews the finest Moringa Loose Leaf Tea on the island! My personal favorite is the Moringa Lemongrass Iced Tea.  James Pedley, the owner, grows Moringa on his farm.  He has two signature teas Moringa and Moringa Lemongrass.  Due to limited supply herbs such as mint and basil can be requested by special order.  James is dedicated to growing the finest ingredients for his high quality island tea.  Coming soon are new tea flavors, herbs and produce.  Just this year James introduced his line of Moringa Loose Leaf Tea and Iced Tea at Camana Bay’s Farmer’s Market.  It is quickly becoming an island favorite.  Additionally, the Greenhouse Cafe was one of the first restaurants to begin serving his Moringa Lemongrass Iced Tea as a staple part of their drink menu.  It was there that I was first introduced to this delicious tea!


Moringa Tea is becoming widely popular, due to its rich antioxidants properties.  Moringa Trees have been coined as a “miracle tree.”  Furthermore, Moringa is becoming recognized as a natural remedy to treat multiple diseases and health conditions such as,   high cholesterol, acid reflux, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis and osteoporosis.  It is highly rich in Vitamin A & C, calcium, iron, protein and potassium.  Thus, an amazing tea!

Totally Fresh Cayman’s Moringa Tea line is unique to the Cayman Islands as it offers refreshing flavors full of nutritional and health benefits.  Whether you prefer hot or iced tea, you are sure to find a favorite flavor and reap all the benefits Moringa has to offer.  On Wednesday’s you can visit James at his booth at the Camana Bay’s Farmers Market and help support local and sustainability.  You can choose from purchasing loose leaf or freshly brewed iced tea of his signature flavors: Moringa and Moringa Lemongrass.


James is just one of Cayman’s local farmers creating an awareness for the rich and abundant organic produce that can be found locally.  His tea’s represent the ability local farmers have to produce high quality, organic, local produce for Cayman.  The more support local farmers receive, chances of Cayman continuing towards a sustainable future are better.  It is a win-win for everyone when we support local, by both endorsing and promoting sustainability and local farmers here in Cayman.

Do your part in helping Cayman continue moving forward into a greener future by supporting local and sustainability.  Get to know your local farmers and the quality produce they provide.  Our local farmers allow us the opportunity to enjoy organic produce which is indigenous to our lovely island.  They are the hard workers who supply us with food on the table, delicious all natural drinks and healthy options.

For more information about Totally Fresh Cayman please visit their website .  Show your love for tea and support for local by joining their Facebook Page Totally Fresh Cayman.

Don’t forget to treat yourself to a refreshing glass of Moringa Lemongrass Iced Tea.


With love from one tree hugger to another, xo


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    I LOVE the teas from Totally Fresh – they are so refreshing. I also love the fact that they provide so many nutritional benefits (perfect for a breastfeeding mama like myself). Support local agriculture and the local economy and check out Totally Fresh Cayman!

    PS Thanks for this amazing review EcoChicCayman – I couldn’t have blogged in better 😉

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