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Birthday Wishes, Give With Love, xo

On 13th October 2013, I started a birthday tradition, whereby I selected a group of charities to raise awareness and funds for.  I asked friends and family to kindly make a donation in lieu of gifts.  In my twenties, I had reached a point in my life where I no longer needed to accumulate more things.  I love presents just as much as anyone, but the truth was I didn’t need them.  I would rather friends and family give what they would have spent on a birthday present to a charity instead.  So, with that in mind, I used my blog as a platform to help raise awareness for the selected charities over the years.  This year, the theme is blue.  It is the commonality between all three charities I would like to highlight this year.  Blue is representative of the ocean, which directly correlates to both Force Blue and Grand Cayman Eco Divers: Coral Nursery Conservation Program.  Having spent nearly my entire life living on an island, I am drawn to the ocean.  I love everything about the ocean.  It is my sanctuary.  As far as I am concerned, the ocean is the most enchanting place on the planet.  The health of our oceans, coral reefs and marine life rely on the protection and ocean conservation globally to keep it thriving.  Our oceans are the heart of this planet.  Blue also happens to be the awareness color for diabetes, a cause very close to my heart.  The blue circle is the global symbol for diabetes awareness as designated by the United Nations, it is symbolic of the blue sky we are all under and unity.

My birthday wish this year is simply to raise awareness and funds for these causes.  All I ask, is for friends and family and wonderful people I have not met, but are reading this post to kindly share this post to raise awareness for these great causes and/or if you can make a donation.  Usually, I would write this post on my birthday, however, I thought if I release it earlier it might help raise more awareness and hopefully funds for these causes. Feel free to us this hashtag when sharing the post  #ecochicbirthdaywishes

Give With Love, xo

Below are three organizations I would like to raise awareness and funds for.  Each of them, I have worked with in some capacity.  They are all very worthy causes and close to my heart.  I have absolute respect for their initiatives to help make a difference in the world and the lives of others.  It has been an honor to get to know the people who work at these organizations and work alongside them.


FORCE BLUE is a non-profit organization, (501(c)(3) initiative based in New York, their mission is to unite the community of Special Operations veterans with the world of coral reef conservation for the betterment of both. FORCE BLUE gives former combat divers and SOF veterans the chance to experience and explore one of the most critically endangered ecosystems on the planet and to adapt their training and teamwork to aid in its protection (FORCE BLUE).  It is an incredible honor to have met the veterans of Force Blue’s Team One.  After getting to know them, hear their story and work with FORCE BLUE it has changed a part of me forever.  The veterans of FORCE BLUE Team One have such incredibly beautiful souls.  They are my heroes.  They are humble, inspiring and have a great respect and passion for ocean conservation.  FORCE BLUE’s initiative is life changing.  FORCE BLUE Team One had their first mission here in the Cayman Islands and they helped with the Coral Nursery Conservation Program we have on island, to read more click here 

FORCE BLUE To make a donation please click here to their website  

Grand Cayman Eco Divers: Coral Nursery Conservation Program

Grand Cayman Eco Divers, is a husband and wife team devoted to supporting the reefs and are dedicated to maintaining the coral nurseries, outplanting, and educating the youth about coral.  Their Coral Nursery Conservation Program seeks to grow viable coral fragments on “coral trees” to later outplant them onto damaged or critical coral reef areas.  This effort of coral conservation has proven successful.  Funds from the public and corporations are needed to help keep this conservation effort going.

To make a donation click here to their website 

Cayman Islands Diabetes Association


Diabetes is a cause that is very dear to my heart.  At 21, I lost my mother to complications of diabetes.  My mother unfortunately had lost her eye sight, had a series of strokes, and finally had kidney failure, all of which are complications of diabetes.  My mother’s birthday was 31st October, as a way to honor her memory I would like to raise awareness for the Cayman Islands Diabetes Association.  The Cayman Islands Diabetes Association is a non-profit organization and they offer free public screenings for diabetes using the HbA1c test which gives a 3 month average reading of glucose levels.

To make a donation: Please email to inquire donation options and details

P.S.- Thank You, xo

Thank you to everyone who is able to make a contribution to help these wonderful organizations.  Whether it is by simply sharing this post to help raise awareness or making a donation.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated and will help these organizations in helping make a difference and carrying out their initiatives.


with love, Laura xoxo

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