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Nature is my Gym: Arm Workout

Life in the Cayman Islands pretty much promises an endless summer.  With this in mind, island life   allows nature to be your gym almost all year long.  In our collaborative series, “Nature is my gym” Alicia Proud (Online Health and Fitness Coach) and I will be sharing great outdoors spaces on island that are perfect for outdoor workouts.  Alicia will be sharing easy-to-do workouts to help you get in shape and achieve your fitness goals.  Working out in nature has so many positive benefits.  For one, hello sunshine! Soaking up the sun is an instant mood booster— Vitamin D naturally helps boost positivity.  Plus, spending time in nature helps you to clear your mind and recharge.  Likewise, a good workout that gets you to break a sweat will for sure make your day.  

A Note from Alicia:

Welcome back….Most of us are always wanting a peachy booty and a flat tummy but don’t forget having shapely strong arms is sexy too!

So here’s 4 good moves you can do anywhere and enjoying the outdoors at the same time. #natureisyourgym

Nature is my Gym: Arm Workout at Dart Park

The Workout:

Exercise 1

Straightforward push-ups. If you can’t do them on your toes don’t worry your knees are just as good. Your chest doesn’t have to touch the ground just go as low as your body will let you. We are not all superman so start gradually. Try 20 push-ups. Break them into smaller groups if you need to.

Exercise 2

Using a climbing frame or a tree branch, pull your body up from the floor or even hang for 10 seconds at a time with arms held at 90degrees. Advanced option try 10 pull ups.

Exercise 3 

No one wants loose arms or otherwise known as ‘bingo wings’ and one of the best moves to eliminate this is good old tricep dips. The further your feet are away from the platform the harder it will be. Keep your knees bent, to begin with, and slowly progress to straight legs in front of you. Aim for 20 reps or until failure.

Exercise 4

Between each arm exercise we want to keep the heart rate up and keep the body moving, so find a bench, tree stump or a step and step up and down off a platform try 20 step ups.

Remember as always to stay hydrated whilst outside especially if you’re in the heat like me. Repeat each exercise 3 times around. 

Stay tuned for the next ‘Nature is my gym’ series.

*Co-Author of this article: Alicia Proud

Alicia is a lover of life and a inspirer to all those wanting to lead healthier more fulfilling lives. Island living, from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean. Fitness and food is her thing and she believes life’s attitudes and dreams play a huge part in our well being. Always making time for yourself and enjoying life’s free pleasures.